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Information regarding the second dose of Verosild and Covisild vaccines [Raghuganga Gaupalika]
The beauty of the Ruise
Information regarding Vaccine Vaccine Program against Covid-19!
Brief introduction of ward no.2  Rakhu Bhagwati
Brief introduction  Rakhu, Piple
Newly undergoing construction Bhagawati Temple at Rakhu, Myagdi
Under going constructing parapet at Maidan Bhagawati !!!
The mother groups of Begkhola Beg Toll No. 4 dance in the  dress
 Rakhal Samaj USA, Rs. 4 lakh 747 thousand has been provided to contributed financially to the covid-19 Aid campaign.
Timro  Timro ghar Beni Bazar, Mero paryo Rakhu [Video]
 Rakhalese in the UK have contributed more than Rs. 8 lakh
Keshav Subedi, a 89-year-old senior citizen, returned home from hospital isolation after winning the corona
Raghuganga Municipality kindly request you to do the work as per the details from 2078/01/29 [Notice]
Bhagwan Katuwal, 29, of Okharbot raised goats commercially
Keep a lotus-like temple, Myagdi
Beg's way to board in the crossroads
Bhagwati First position at Nagi Mela.
Bhagwati final at the fair on the Janai Purnima of Beg Shimphant.
On the day of Janaipunirma, let's go to Nauli Barah and join Barah Puja
In the first Presidential Running Shield Competition at Muktidham  has won medals in the following categories.
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