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Brief introduction Rakhu, Piple

 This area is on the main road leading to the famous Muktinath temple before the Josom Beni road section is built. Thousands of pilgrims used to come to Muktinath area from this main road every year. At that time, for the convenience of the passers-by, patipowas, streams, wells, orchards were made along the way and trees were planted to keep them cool. Due to religious reasons, such social work was more prevalent. It is believed that the items of such facilities made for the convenience of the travelers were arranged after the then Maharaja Girwanyuddha Shah's Miley, Empress Suvarna Prabhadevi came to visit Muktinath from this route. Similarly, Basanta Bogati, a resident of Ratnechaur in Myagdi, was also very much impressed by Pauwa, Aapko Bagancha, etc. Religious works such as bridges over rivers and streams, stone carving on steep stairs, construction of wide horse-drawn road, planting of groves, peepals, Swami's plants in places on the right and left side of the road, construction of water wells, construction of pauwa and thanti for sunshine. Such structures of that time can still be seen in abundance. Such people, lords, brides and grooms can be seen in more than fifty places in this Rakhu Piple VDC of Savik. Thus, this area is named as Pipal because of the many poplar trees that provide coolness to all the passers-by, animals and birds. The entire part of Rakhu Piple VDC of Savik now belongs to Ward No. 3 of Raghuganga Municipality.

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