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Timro Timro ghar Beni Bazar, Mero paryo Rakhu [Video]

The Song Timro ghar Beni Bazar, Mero paryo Rakhu! mady by Dekendra Shrestha. He is from Rakhu, Bhagawari, Hatiya. He is now Barcelona, Spain. According to him, he made this song for the purpose of making a small effort to introduce myself to the world through this song and for the purpose of promoting tourism.

He also add, "Keep the two famous places and Beni And Rakhu's love is just trying to pour my heart out through this song."

 it is difficult to make a video in this situation, so he made the song for the purpose of listening and watching even if it is through photos.

He promise to make this place the best and most comprehensive official song video ever.

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