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Nepali short novel: Dhwanse

Rajit Ojha

Chapter One
Dhwanse, my favorite student - Ram Prasad Kafle (Health and Physical Teacher), Saraswati Secondary School
"Don't leave me, sir!" He tried one last time trying to remove the scissors with his hand. Her hair was dearest to her. I was most angry with her hair!
Even though we were in government, we were very good at disciplining. I don't think it's fair to be proud of myself, but I had a big hand in keeping the discipline of this school so much. Sometimes other bosses in the office used to tease me that my hair was starting to fall out and I was jealous of other people's hair! But that was not the case. I just wanted the students in my school to be disciplined and always be first.
Dhwanse, one of the stubborn students of our school, today I brought a barber to fix his behavior by paying my own money. At first, the barber showed his broken teeth and said, "Sir, it costs at least twenty rupees!" I also showed the power of my bargaining by saying, "If other students have it too, I will call you!" The barber pricked up his ears and said, "You have long hair, it takes time to cut it!" I got angry, "You can cut it like this, but don't cut it short!" He also shook his head in confession.
"Do you think of yourself as Sanjay Dutt?" I scolded Dhwanse again. I get angry as soon as I see Dhwanse. How fast you have to show it at a young age.
"No sir Rahul Roy, what a hero of Aashiqui!" He cut his film knowledge. I started thinking which film is Aashiqui. And who is this Rahul Roy? Until now, he is not a hero whose name has been heard. I have heard that Sanjay Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar are even older! Who is this Rahul Roy?
"Sir, how short can we make it?" The barber's question brought me back to my senses.
"Make it even shorter!"
"Sir, do you dare send me to the army?" Dhwanse said looking at me in a tearful voice. I looked at his clothes. He was still on his knees. The children in the adjoining class were yelling at him. Dhwanse was actually the hero of that school. Greasy oiled hair, tucked in the back pocket, a locket with Shivaji's photo, and a shirt with two buttons on the top !! Dhwanse looked different from the others.
He had a couple of spoons to walk with. I saw him playing carom sitting next to the tea shop in Futani Chowk. But when he saw me, he hid in the tea shop of Sahili. I was a little ashamed to enter Sahili. Sahili was not able to speak. One day, I just said, "I will drink tea with milk." It has been three months since the buffalo was tired. I have been tired for three years. That. I was confused. I blushed with shame. Don't say anything until you are next to her. As soon as Vudo moves around, he doesn't see any men. On top of that, he sleeps on the sidewalk next to Futani Chowk. Then what about Sahili, sometimes the tea shop closes in the afternoon !! Then I was afraid to go to Sahili's shop to have tea and leave. But the day I saw the boys there, the next day, for some reason, I would take them out of the morning line and stick them.
“Sit quietly! I will cut off your ears again! ”
He looked at me with a smirk. He would have beaten me if I had been beaten. Sometimes I am scared to see Moro. What to do to study nine classes. Moro's arm is now like a red shield.
"Now that you have cut it, why keep your ears, sir?" The boys next door laughed heartily.
"Come and go to your class!" Maybe those boys were satisfied with the defeat. That's why I kept laughing. Dhwanse looked at them with an angry look. Dhwanse's hair was growing black on the floor below. I felt like my victory was scattered all over the ground. I gurgled inside.
"I'll clean it up and put the money in the eye office right there!" That's how I walked there. Her spoons gathered as I walked. As if to gather to go to the malami of her hair.
Dhwanse's voice reached Chass's ear. "Khuile could not stand my good hair. Look, he made me an army!"
Dhwanse knew how to love but did not know how to show - peace
After three sons, I gave birth to a daughter. Mother Wau searched for a daughter, gave birth to a daughter. Wow mother didn't have much income. I used to work in the fields and I always had enough to eat. I didn't like going to work in the fields, but sometimes I had to work. The three brothers loved me, so they did most of the work for me. My parents thought it was a pleasure to help me with my work. I thought the prince would come to pick me up on horseback, I would not have to do anything, my life would be luxurious. Even in my sleep I would see the heroes of the movie, they would dance like in the movie in my dreams. Why isn't Bipana like a dream?
My hands and knees were brighter than the other girls in the school. Friends were jealous that the face was also found. I enjoyed their jealousy. I used to play with my hands and knees. Other friends' legs were broken. I used to apply coconut oil on my knees on the day I went to the field, that's why my legs didn't break. I am the thief of the nail polish brought to my mother by my uncle 
He used to steal. When his mother found out, he used to abuse her. I used to get angry but I didn't say anything. I thought that mother loved me. I was amazed.
Dhwanse was two classes above me. This time Dhwanse failed at nine. I reached eight. The eighth grade was next to the boat. He would look at me with a smirk as he entered his classroom. I used to be angry, but I was happy in my heart.
Dhwanse didn't look at me that day. I saw his hair cut. I got angry with Ram Sir for that loss. Disfigured such a good man. I thought to myself, "Let's gather all that hair. And let's gather it together and put it back on the shattered head." But when he came out, the barber cleaned it. After that, Dhwanse did not come to school for a week.
There was a wire tree at the back of the school. I loved the wire. My mouth watered at the memory of the sour wire. I threw stones at the bottom. Most of them seemed to be my target. But I worked hard for one wire. I used to get angry sometimes. One day when I got there, Dhwanse was next to the same wire.
"Wire khan aaki?" He asked looking at me.
"No orange, come and see if it has grown on the wire tree!" I teased Dhwanse. I was alone, school was over.
"I'm waiting for you to pick up the wire!" He said brushing his hair
"Why not?"
"I can't take the star anymore, I have to pick up the same wire!"
I laughed. Moro doesn't even know how to speak. That day I found out. I was not alone, I was pulled towards Dhwanse, Dhwanse also wanted to be close to me.
"Don't tip!"
He had brought the money from the school.
"Marlan, I love you!" I was scared.
"That khuile has ruined what it was supposed to do!" Dhwanse's face turned even darker. I suddenly fell in love with Dhwanse. Yes, her hair was really good.
He hit the tide. Suddenly the wire fell. The tipper gave it to me. I slipped it into my frock pocket. He grabbed my hand.
"Leave!" I was suddenly scared.
He left.
"What a pain!" I acted like I was angry.
"I'm not trying to hurt you!"
"What are you trying to do?"
"Why are you holding my hand?"
Moro doesn't even know how to make excuses. I don't even have the courage.
"Now it's the city!"
He shook his head. I was surprised. Shakes his head at what. Moro, Dhwanse comes to love, not to show.
Dhwanse, I made him a boy boy - Sahili Magarni
Eighteen years old, my tight body and the eyes of a man. Sticky magnets became their eyes! The look was also different, some people would get angry when they saw it, some people would get angry.
"Harke, here is the forest to be seen!" I showed my chest and told everyone to sew clothes.
He looked at me with a smirk.
"It's a little too much, Dilu Vahini!" He answered me in fear.
"Wana, Wana is nothing more!"
Then he said nothing. I spent a lot of time on that typical cholo. I would not say that it is the best in the village. But I had the power to draw everyone's attention.
************* ************** **************** ******* ********* ************* ****
The third crocodile was given the task of cutting down the old trees of the forest and stacking them in the grass nearby. I used to look at the third crocodile when I went to mow the lawn. Moro's arm was so strong, he was alone in the tree trunks. The third crocodile could not walk as fast as the third crocodile. What a tough guy !! One day I had a dream! In the dream, Sahilo Magar was walking with me. Instead of that tree tuna! I was afraid that he would throw me on the sidewalk. But no, he walked me straight home. A house with a thatched roof. Flower garden on the side, two goats, four or five chickens. He told me, "Feed this hen from today!" I shook my head.
Mom is not angry why she hits me on the head! In the dream, I hit my mother's head with my head. She came with shame. Nothing to say about Sahilo Magar!
***************** ******************** ************* ****** **********************
"Dear brother, can you walk only on wood or can you walk on other things as well?" I joked when I brought the grass
"Don't tell me what to do!"
"Walk this grass and take it home!"
"I will walk only if I walk with you, otherwise my weight will not be enough!" Sahilo is also joking. I remembered the dream! I felt dizzy.
"What a pity!" My friend abused Sahilo. I feel unhappy. It would have been better if he had not been abused. From tomorrow onwards!
"Like your friend, don't be jealous!" Sahilo wiped away the sweat. Let's go and wipe his sweat. Let's bring a glass of water too, I'm probably thirsty!
From the next day I started to go alone to cut the grass. On the way, it was time to talk to some veterans.
****************** ********************** ********** ******* *********************
"You run away with me, you have to go to Tarai!" One day, Sahilo Magar suddenly asked me. I kept looking at the sky. The answer is no.
"Don't believe me?"
"Not so!"
"Then don't walk with me, I'm tired of living in this village!"
I can't find a place called Nai. In a temple, he brought me a red grandson Idio.
*********** ****************** ******************* ** ************* **************
For the first two or three months of her marriage, she loved me very much. But then alcohol took my place. When he stopped working, I started a tea shop. Sahilo used to sleep in front of the same tea shop. I used to drink alcohol in the morning. He would have eaten his share by sunset. Then he would sleep. There was no food. I was bored I also found the fruit of his love. A daughter was born! My body was always looking for Sahilo. The smell of her sweat was amazing. I felt like he was drinking and I was sweating. But Sahilo was consumed by alcohol. Sahilo is not the same as before. Every night I felt like I was missing out on something. One day I kicked Sahilo and made him fight in bed. From that day on, Sahilo started sleeping in another room.
The boys from the school next door used to come to my tea shop to play carom. I bought a ward for five hundred rupees. I used to take five rupees for playing once. Dhwanse was stuck in the same carom.
"Brother-in-law, I don't have money today. What will happen if I pay tomorrow?"
I stared at him. The boy of the sixteenth session, of Gajjapa, like Sahilo, has a big arm Curly hair! The smell of coconut oil in the hair!
"You play while you play, you say you don't have money now?" I was a little angry
"I'll be back tomorrow!"
"Will you steal it from Vau's pocket tomorrow?"
"How much you have shouted, it's only five rupees!"
"Earnings, never five rupees!"
"Now you hire a servant for only five rupees, brother-in-law?"
Why did I feel like giving up five rupees that day?
"Let's go!" But you have to feed a handful of your school wire. ”Dhwanse nodded happily. After all, he didn't steal it. I really left five rupees that day. I thought very badly that night that my business would not run in such a rhythm.
The next day, Veluka came with Veluka's wire.
"I have brought my brother-in-law wire!" He shouted outside. There were no people in the shop that day. I was sleeping in the third room.
"You are sure of the word, come inside!"
The smell of coconut oil permeated my room. I was chopping vegetables.
"Where shall I keep it?" He hurried out.
"Why are you in such a hurry to find peace?" I teased him. I also heard boys teasing me while playing carom.
"Who said that?" He turned red.
"I know! Everyone in the village knows that. ”I thought of turning him red.
"Brother-in-law, don't tell anyone!" He grabbed my hand, scared. I laughed out loud.
"Why are you laughing?" He was angry.
“Moro Lachhi! Do you know what happens? ”
He nodded. There was a sighing sound coming from the next room. He looked up, looking back!
"Do you eat Dhungri?" I'll throw it in the oil! ” Many children from Dhungri Khan School used to come to my shop.
He nodded.
"I have to lift him up. He's on top of me! Can you?" I tried to understand her mind. He was confused for a moment.
"Lachhi!" I teased him.
"I can!" He returned the answer unexpectedly.
He yelled at me. I went back to my old dream. In the dream, Sahilo had woken me up. There were houses, there was a flower garden.
I sighed. He slowed me down. His hand lightly hit my chest. He was shocked.
"There's no one who doesn't like what you touch!" I put his hand on my chest again. My heartbeat must have known his beating. He slowly put his hand inside. I got up, he was scared.
I pulled out the firewood from the stove.
"Come in!" I went into another room and called him. He hurried inside. In the light of the yellow tuki, I noticed that he was wearing his school shirt. I was playing with the stitches of his shirt for a while. He also had a place to shake his hand. But the school shirt, Jatan opened the stitches.
"I need to go to school tomorrow!" He didn't even let his shirt fall to the ground. He hung himself on the side rope. I played Tuki. He is sleeping in the next room, he should get some sleep.
As I was leaving, I teased Dhwanse, "Come with wire tomorrow too!" He laughed.
The day of fear of destruction - peace
Chiawari used to be green during the season. I was mowing the lawn, it seemed to be fun. Life was just like that season. It was green with the arrival of Dhwanse, it was hard to catch my eyes! They used to tease me saying, "Here comes your bumblebee!" I used to be ashamed at night. They waited for me to go home! It was important not to have any doubts at home. Dhwanse was slowly learning to talk. Sometimes he would spend time complimenting my hair, sometimes my wit! He considered himself voodoo but lucky. Wuddu in the sense that he had failed Asti Bhakkar nine and lucky in the sense that I was with him. He kept stroking my hair. I really enjoyed lying on his chest. I didn't know how fast time passed. When he returned, he was abused by his friends.
"She's so late, I'm afraid she'll run away today!"
I would slowly reply, How much I believe in her love! When there is faith in love, there is also power in love. ****************** **************** **************** ** ********************* ****
"Come alone today, how many friends do you come with?" Dhwanse told me at school in the morning. I would go to mow the lawn with my friends after lunch at four o'clock. I was shocked by his proposal.
"Are you coming behind the temple?" I asked a question. He shook his head happily. How quickly Moro's head shook!
That day, Dhwanse came with a new shirt. And lust came!
"Where's the lust?" I teased him.
"We are heroes too!" He picked up his collar and replied.
In the evening, the sun shines in the river near the temple. The setting sun in the west seemed to embrace the river as it bid farewell.
Dhwanse kept my hair soft. Silence, silence! Sometimes both of them have to be silent to hear the heartbeat. Both are heard to be silent. His hand fell through my hair and fell on my shoulder, I sighed a little but my heart pounded. But when I fell further down the shoulder, I hesitated.
"What have you done?"
"Don't you believe me?" He asked in a workaholic voice.
"Yes or no, but!" I answered slowly.
"So what?"
"We're so young!" I tried to remind him. But I did not believe in the words I had reminded myself.
"You always think I'm small!"
Dhwanse got up angrily. I didn't know what to do. I watched him go silently.
******************** ****************** ************ *** **************** ********
I didn't even go to school with him for two or three days. I looked at him, he would close his eyes. As he walked past our classroom, he would turn to the other side.
"Are you angry?"
He shook his head to show that he was not angry.
"Come back to the full temple!" I couldn't stand her heat. I melted.
************* ***************** ***************** *** ************* **************
I was waiting. Dhwanse arrived a little slow. As soon as Dhwanse arrived, my heart started beating faster. It was the first time in my life for me! Of course, I am approaching the age of 14. If something happens again, but Dhwanse has said that I will get married. In my mind, these questions were playing along with the thrill. Dhwanse came closer. But he was dim. He sat quietly on the stairs. I had never seen Dhwanse so quietly.
"I don't look good and you live so far away?" I nodded a little. He came closer. My hair is soft. I fell on his chest. The top button of his shirt was open. I put my hand on his chest. He removed his hand.
"What happened to you?" I raised my head and asked.
"Yesterday they came to our house to ask for donations. If there is no donation, they need a person from the house!"
He said sadly.
"How far back?" My excitement suddenly turned into fear.
"Or go to Qatar and earn fifty thousand!"
"And you have fifty thousand?"
He pursed his lips and shook his head. The first time I saw the hero of my school, he could fight with all the boys, even if he climbed to the top of the mango tree, he was scared for the first time not to drop the sour mango. Sometimes even the hero is scared, sweating.
Dhwanse lost - Sahili Magarni
Two pairs of pigeons perched on a wooden tree. I stared at him. I stared at him for two hours. What happened to them today? Didn't fly. What did you find on the wooden tree? Vertical tree, hard and less shade. Why, when I saw a colored tree, I remembered the destruction. He has arrogance, I have the wave to blow. He has the depth to drown. It is hard, it is vertical but why is it that the shadow is less. I have become accustomed to it now. Dhwanse comes every evening. Sahilo is asleep in the next room. I fall asleep sniffing the scent of the smoke.
About three days ago, he came and sat down beside me and said,
"Brother-in-law, if you wear a little, you won't say anything?" I was annoyed by Sahilo's stinking breath and his request warmed me.
"You don't have to wear it!" If not, go home! ” I was angry.
"Well, don't say I don't like it, I understand!" You're addicted too! ” He lashed out.
"I'm learning to talk!" Tell your peace! ”
He was embarrassed and disappointed at the same time!
"Mori… .. don't believe it!"
I laughed. He does not understand the woman. Who would not agree and with him. Peace is only testing his love. He is passing every exam without knowing it. Moro Dhwanse's knotted body is a young age of peace, dreaming of seeing Dhwanse.
"Don't turn around once, Navolde!"
"What if people do that?"
"I guarantee you!"
“Wow. My brother-in-law also knows English! ” He joked.
"No, peacock, now get up and kill you!"
"Brother, nothing will happen now!" He laughed again. This time I laughed too.
"Are you getting up?" I grabbed him. I don't know if it's smoke, but firewood. Hot, hot.
************** ***************************************** ********* ****************
But then Dhwanse did not come. Two days did not come. Neither came to play carom in the afternoon nor with me at night. Sometimes I am mistaken that he is more attracted to carom or I have his eyes fixed on the white, black and red balls. I want to become those pieces. I am slipping into those four dark bundles, falling one by one. Dhwanse asks me,
“Brother-in-law How much love! ”
I say with a laugh
"Leave it, I'll fix it!"
But after two days, the landslide did not come. I became anxious. Finally, unable to bear it, I asked one of his friends
"Hey, is your friend sick?"
He asked in surprise.
"Who's your brother-in-law?"
"What's his name? He's always with you!" Why should I show the world that we are close to?
"Ah ah dhwanse!"
"Don't you know?" He looked at me in surprise and asked.
"What happened?" Suddenly my heartbeat increased. At that moment, I prayed that nothing would happen to Dhwanse.
"She belongs to that party. She went to the house of Dhwanse to ask for donations. She asked for fifty thousand rupees to come from outside!"
I was sweating profusely.
"Hey, he wasn't with Dhwanseko Ba!"
"Annie?" I could only say so and so.
"Then give me that much, or we will take a soldier."
He struck a chord with the story of Dhwanse. I sat down in the side chair. What to think, what not to think could not be found. Dhwanse was playing with all his heart, but Dhwanse was lost from my world now, far away !!!!!!!
That black evening - Sima Neupane Kafle
"The boy is coming to see you!" Rina teased me. In the month of Chait, it was very hot and I was sweating over the boy's talk.
"I don't want to get married!" I acted like I was angry.
"Hey, the boy is teaching!"
"Where did you hear that?" Interest grew in my mind.
"Yesterday my mother was talking!"
"But I still want to read!"
"All right, boy, you study, you study, you study all night!" He laughed heartily.
"Shut up!" I hit Pat on the back. But my own mind was not silent, asking me thousands of questions at once. It was making my body tingle, making me wavy.
************** **************** ************** ****** *********** ************** *
He was straight. He was wearing spectacles, his hair was sticky and scratched, I was staring at him from inside the screen. He had a snub nose. I gave up the idea of ​​not getting married as soon as I saw her. At a glance, he became "there". I asked him only one question
"Will you let me study after marriage or not?"
He smiled and shook his head. There was a happy turn in my life.
************** ******************************** ***** *********** ****************
He said goodbye to me in a red silk sari. I built my new house. There were only two of us in the house as her grandparents had passed away at an early age. The love between the two of us and the house became like heaven. Next to the house was the school he taught. And the college where I study a short distance away. When I went to college, I did all the housework. I personally praised his contribution in improving the quality of the school, including the school discipline and examination system. I was amazed. How can people be so simple and comfortable? I must have done a lot of good deeds in my previous life. My life is going so well. But people do not see the future. Sometimes people forget to consider the few moments of life as a part of their whole life. I made the same mistake.
****************** *************** ***************** ***** ***********************
That evening he and I were at home. Outside, the squirrels started screaming in a monotonous way !! Suddenly the door slammed shut.
"Who is it?" I asked from inside.
"We're all students, aren't we, sir?"
He also came out there. He opened the door.
"Miss, have a private talk with Sir!" Two men sat in the doorway, and the other two took him outside. A little farther away, where he could be heard in a clear but small voice.
"Sir, no matter how much you shout, we have not asked for much for this great revolution!"
"I don't have that much money, brother, even when I came to school!"
"It's in the school's account, sir!"
"Where can I use that?"
"Anything can be done after we get together, sir! We all know what happens at school! ”
“You talk nonsense! What is this revolution for, to suck people like us? The army is coming to harass us, you are coming to harass us! ” Suddenly he got angry. I was scared, they might even have weapons. Why are you angry Don't be angry! I tried to get out. The two men at the door did not let me out.
"Wadhta volchas khuile, silently complaining, do you donate or not?"
"Is that what I taught you at school?"
"If we were to teach well in school, if the government was good, would we have to go into the jungle like us?"
"You have to learn well, you have to read!"
"The anger of my school is still there. Didn't I cut my hair on my knees? Oi Khukuri, take it, I will cut it on my knees too. Now, I didn't pay it, I didn't pay it. I made it a martyr!"
"No !!!!!" I suddenly screamed. Two men at the door shut my mouth.
A strange scream came from afar. The voice was there. Dark shadows around me like life plunged into a great emptiness !!!
My self-acceptance - Dhwanse
The first chapter of my story ends with my neighbors, my society, my loved ones, liking me, liking my body, liking my soul, liking my scent, liking my volley, liking my hair and hating me, hating my shadow. To do, to hate my hair, to hate my personality. Story, come to me The narrative is in doubt today. Those who read the saffron saffron bananas by looking at the slits of my life above, surely hate me till now. I don't even blame them. Because people, meaningful, always stand on the truth. We call his shadow the truth. Nobody sees what he is up to. Only the shadow he created becomes true for us. The light he reflects becomes the sun for us. My story is not untouched by that, I am seen in the light of others. As the name suggests, it's not uncommon for me to look black. I hope my story will take on another dimension with the new passengers on my journey.
From a young age, I was called a hooligan at school. Why do people see me as a thug? I considered myself a hero. If others follow me, then I have become a leader! Leadership is always born of hope. I think I've been a promising character since I was a child. I'm weak in reading. But this is not a study according to the people, what a study. If I was right in leadership, I should have been taught leadership skills, speech skills, or how to plan, but I also had to learn when the king of the same Shah dynasty was born, when he died, how many years Rama went into exile in Ramayana, rabbit and tortoise race We were taught why and how the tortoise won. Neither the story nor the books attracted the student with lightning speed like a rabbit!
There was only one "peace" in the school! Let's not talk about Mori's laughter. Pomegranate with teeth. Eyes wide open, big, pirlikka thousands of emotions rise like the waves of the sea at once. Waist cut! I would stop my bicycle a short distance from his house just to see him walk.
"Are you going?" I would take a bicycle nearby and say one day. She smiled! I didn't care if that smile was "going" or "knowing". Stop the bicycle. She climbed back slowly. Why go ahead I felt the same way. But even his fragrance was woken by my bicycle.
****************** ***************** *************** **** ************************
"Your peace seems to like that khuile sir too!" A friend whispered to me.
"Are you talking nonsense?" I grabbed her collar.
"Remember how he speaks peacefully!" He said trying to loosen my hand a little. Yes, he is just trying to warn me. Who has the courage to look for peace in the students? What a shattered peace!
********************** ***************** *********** ******* ****************
Shanti had brought her school dress in prayer that day. The lines of eight and nine used to be very close.
"Why didn't you bring the dress?" Khuile asked looking at the frock of peace.
"I haven't washed my head!" He replied in fear. I kept looking for peace.
"Well, from tomorrow onwards, such a well-educated person should be disciplined!" He said putting his hand on Shanti's head. I felt like cutting off his hand right there. I have not touched peace till now.
"You never cut your hair, get out of line !!!" He pulled me out of the line! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I admit, Khui died but I didn't like it.
****************** *************** *************** ** ******************* ******
We used to go to class in the afternoon to play carom at Sahili Bhaujuko. She was looking at me. One day I saw Khuile in my brother-in-law's shop. Her brother-in-law was still laughing when she left. Khuile walked as fast as anyone could see. She certainly wasn't cut. Not only was he suppressed by his behavior, but he also had a slender body. I really enjoyed talking to him. In my nightmares, I used to see Shanti and Sahili's brother-in-law alternately. The day I saw my brother-in-law, my bed would have been wet. But my dream was not just a dream. One day, my brother-in-law and I realized the dream by being alone. Her older brother didn't know anything. I was told to make excuses at home. In the evening go to see Shanti in Chiavari, and Veluka's brother-in-law. Or the mother would be happy that her son started reading. I was also happy.
She used to talk about peace from time to time. I didn't like why he was called Ram Sir out of respect. She used to say that the result of the school was good because of her. When I got very angry, I would ask
"Do you love me more than your Ram Sar?"
She used to say that she was the only one. My question would be answered. His answer is incomplete!
I had to sleep with my brother-in-law at night. I had to sit in peace.
"The girl must be full of people to sit quietly with you without doing anything!"
That day I made peace. Still, peace did not prevail. Is she full? Who quenched his thirst? Why the picture of Khuile kept running through my mind! Of course, he was already married. But I also go to my brother-in-law. Husbands are just like me!
******************* ********************************** * ***************** *********
At that time, the people's revolution was in full swing. I too was forced into the revolution. But when I got there, I felt the world was buzzing. A society of change, a vision of our society. Where the powerful will be defeated. And proletarians like us will be in power. We will rule. I and Gradually I began to blend in.
That evening we were assigned to raise funds for the party's upcoming event. After the completion of the first stage, I was selected and sent as a policy to intimidate those who refused to donate. My eyes lit up as soon as I saw the name of Ram Prasad Kafle. We reached his house as planned. We knocked on the door. We pulled him out and started talking. But he did not show any fear. I suddenly remembered Shanti. I remembered what my brother-in-law had said. A fountain of blood came out of his throat. My face is bloodshot. Also came a woman's voice "Nai !!!" That. Their house was a little inside. There was a sound in the middle of the fields.
I stepped inside. His wife was unconscious. A friend suddenly noticed something unexpected.
"What's so significant about a goat's head?"
My face was sweating. The charge subsided. I regret it. I wish I hadn't killed him. This was not my first time. But there was no reason for it. I looked for many reasons to please myself. Yes, the baby in her womb overcame all my reasons. For two or three days, I slept. The party transferred me to the West considering my situation. I had to leave the village. But that picture did not leave me. Unconscious woman, lying down. When he wakes up, he will have the impression of a lonely world. Yes, I made a mistake. Do all mistakes deserve forgiveness? Or was it not?
Chapter Two
Dhwanse Dai is a warrior, not a leader - youngest
It was evening, but the city was not clear. The streets of Patan were dark, and the light was fading. The dove's feathers were scattered in that brick path. After a long time, my brother-in-law called me and I hurriedly entered the street. When the curfew engulfed the city, the bridesmaids would open the back door and we would spread our leaflets all over the city. The son of the bridesmaids was also martyred in the People's War. What a strange truth …… But today the world was different. Many months have passed since the peace process began. The election is approaching. Suddenly, my brother called me. They were also complaining that they were struggling to find my number. But a ring on the mobile phone brought the relationship that was being erased by time closer again. We decided to spend the evening together.
"It took a long time!" My brother looked at me and asked a question. Say the regular beginning of the talk rather than the question. Tatepangre beard on the face. My brother seemed to be getting older soon! Of course, these people are not so old! If there are many, it will be thirty!
"Did you get stuck on the road?" I also answered regularly! Nowadays the answers are also readymade like questions!
"Nowadays, even the police are not afraid. What are you talking about?" He looked for a little spice in my readymade answer
“What do the police need to get into the streets of Patan? There are so many memories to be had! ” I laughed heartily.
"You and your thing!" Dhwanse Dai was not talking as much as before. Dhwanse Daika's gossip used to be our means of spending the evening before! Amazing people were engrossed in the revolution. I didn't get along very well with others. Because they had no choice but to die and be killed.
"What are the daughters-in-law?" I was terrified of action.
"Your daughter-in-law Holly!" He would blow those things up in the air.
*************** ************** **************** ***** ********** *****************
"And what about the midwife?"
"Isn't it here, Chiang?" Aren't you a revolutionary? ” The brother teased Sahuni
"Brothers, see you later in the city!" Sahuni expressed her intimacy.
"Revolution has entered the city these days, sister," I quipped.
"Waff chilli two plates!" Dhwanse Dai ordered. Upatya's waffle is gone after all!
"It's time to cook!"
"Nowadays, when there are no people, why is business slow?"
"You came a long time later, now the business will grow slowly!" She laughed. She always smiles. The death of his son must have caused him to lose his expression and not return. We have seen many such wounds in the last year. Sometimes I wonder what this war was for. But again, I think people have come to terms with the war.
"You know, why did I come here then?" Dhwanse Dai looked sluggish today.
"She reminds me of someone!"
Chiang had arrived for two hours. Sour, why do people drink such a bad thing. People like pain.
"Whose babysitter?" I asked knowingly. We had said the same thing last time. This time too. No matter how important a woman is in a man's life, he keeps running after her. Sometimes it runs in the direction of the present, sometimes it runs in the mood of drawing the future, sometimes it runs in the dream of the past.
"There was a brother-in-law !!!"
"And the babysitter won't go home before the election?" We need people like you to fly the party flag there too! ” I talked. The side curtain was as dirty as ever. Of load shedding Even in the middle, a five-watt CFL was flashing with the help of an inverter, which clearly showed the spider web in the corner of the roof.
“You have to go! “
"Will you meet Shanti Bhauju too?"
I teased Chusukk !! As soon as he talks about the girl, Dhwanse Dai turns red. Two or three times a guerrilla girl has been cheated, teased and lost, people who have been taken into custody, but the same thing is always in their minds. Peace, we were always upset when we heard her talk. How much love is there after all! Even though he lived so far away, he kept seeing me in his dreams. Let's recommend it to the party and send it back! But at that time, we were taken to the west as per the plan to send new people to a new place. Later, when we were in the west, the war ended.
But this time it was not like always. Dhwanse Dai suddenly became silent! He put on a knee. He took a piece of meat in his mouth in an unpleasant way as if someone was crushing him.
"I just got a call from home yesterday!" Dhwanse Dai started telling the story!
"Our revolution is heating up the Terai now, this time all the Terai is going to be red with red flags, and I heard something like this, Wuzhis Kancho?"
"That's good for us, baby!" I also added yes to yes!
"So far so good!" Dhwanse Dai's eyes were red. It also seemed to be getting wet.
"What's wrong, baby?"
"Then he told me that the invitation for the wedding of peace has come. He is getting married four days later." That's all there is to it. I guessed in my heart that Dhwanse's brother's mind has become as sour as Chyang's now.
"Sometimes, Wuzhis Kanchha, I don't like to cut that loose throat, after all it was for Mori. Now she is her own, sometimes I miss her, Mori. Her stomach was full. I sinned !! ” Dhwanse Dai was talking, I was listening. He does not have deceit in his mind. The truth is called true and the false is called false. Sometimes Dhwanse Dai used to say when he was excited.
"Now that the conflict is over, we have to change ourselves. We are not always just warriors, we have to plan and lead." But I think Dhwanse Dai is a warrior and not a leader.
"Come on, brother, that's it!" That's all I tried to say. Light came on the road, load shedding seems to be over today!
Dhwanse returned to the village - Sahili Magarni
I have been in the Terai for a long time. About twenty years ago! Can't count with fingers now! At first, when I had difficulty in counting, I used to reduce the pressure with my fingers. But after a long time, not even a finger can touch it. It has been almost three years since Sahilo Magar left. At that time, my son was five years old. I cried a lot when that TV came out. But the doctor said it was too late to take him to Siliguri! Of course, his life, which was spent sleeping in a drunken state, had died long ago, only the doctor later said that he was dead. I spent most of the money I earned in the shop on the same fighting. What is it? After living together, even such buds fall in love! Nowadays, I look at the tree of the lord of the outside. The birds eat its seeds and the yellow seeds are scattered all over the ground. I hate to grow up. That was the year of our marriage planted by Sahilo Magar! Now Jhangier Vademan is hungry. Later, I laid a blanket under it. There is a good place for the villagers to have tea and gossip. People get angry when birds look at them from above. What do those poor birds know that the villagers have nothing to do but talk!
After Dhwanse left the village, the army came to my shop looking for Dhwanse. Seeing the third crocodile sleeping soundly, he kicked her in the abdomen. Don't even tell me. Why is the character of a woman always questioned when abusing? Dhwanse and I have a very personal relationship, but they started abusing me! I even kicked the prostitute who was selling her body in the market and kicked the carom that Dhwanse was playing with. Then I stopped keeping the carom. They had guns, they had power. I didn't even have integrity, my black character was crushed by the smoke, I still can't tell the difference between right and wrong! The rules made by the society are definitely not more than the needs of the body! Society doesn't tell us not to eat rice when we are hungry, after all that is what the body needs !!! Since the arrival of the army, the number of school boys has decreased. Even today, I see Dhwanse among the boys wearing white shirts and blue pants. How strong I am, how hot!
Of course, at the time he left, I was probably too young. Nowadays I look at my face in the mirror. I don't care. A line full of faces. My face has become like a copy written by a child who does not know how to write. The hair is also getting tangled, a handful of hair falls out while taking a bath, half black and half white! And look further down, my chest, my breasts !!!! I remember Dhwanse, Moro's mind was there. Moro was always playing! Sometimes I would get upset and ask
"Aren't you my son?" You always play with my milk! ”
He used to laugh.
But it is slowly fading. I remember being covered by old age. I am satisfied. But why do I still remember that Moro Dhwanshe more than Sahinla Magar?
************** ******************* ***************** *** ***************** *******
Dhwanse has returned to the village today. I had heard. I also reached Tuplukkai in the evening. I kept looking at him Looks serious. Of course, it must have been too late!
"What's up, brother-in-law?" He asked while sitting on the floor under Swami's vote
"Do you have tea?" I didn't think it necessary to answer what he had. I told him, "Let me tell you that you took me with you!"
He shook his head saying he would eat. I went inside to make tea. I put water in the pan and put it in the gas. First, the firewood had to be burned. Nowadays, tea has also become easier.
"Don't give me a packet of honey!" He was withdrawing money!
"Keep your money with you!" I acted like I was angry. He put the money in his pocket again!
"What about your son?"
"Reading inside!" "Come out for a moment, Vinod!" I thought he wanted to meet me. He put the plastic bag in his hand. The son pulled out a yellow shirt, and half a pint. After pulling out, Pulukka looked at me.
"Keep it, given by the leader's uncle!"
"What do you call a leader, brother-in-law?" He complained.
"There are rumors in the village that you are a great leader!" I said what I heard in the village.
I ran inside, remembering the tea inside. He could not answer me.
"La!" Tea in a steel glass! I cooked the milk without guessing. Nowadays my focus is on something. This full tea is always afraid of burning the lips.
"How long do you live?" I want to know his plan!
"I just came here to visit my brother-in-law!"
I know, it came to the village because of the peace wedding quarrel! Moro has once strangled a person. Now that there will be peace again, I wish I could do something for Vudho!
"What is the invitation to a peaceful wedding?" I asked looking at his face.
Her face turned sour. It turned black like a mistake.
"If you leave, you will find another good girl!"
"Brother-in-law, she didn't say no once, for the wedding?"
Why did his question burn me? Shanti was happy, I had heard about the wedding! Both of them studied on campus together! Boy Engineer Ray! You must remember Dhwanse !!!
"Why are you upset?" I could only say.
“True brother-in-law? Where is that master's daughter now? ”
I don't understand why he asked that question! I remembered that the day after Master's death, Dhwanse had disappeared from the village. I vividly remember her crying. There was a rumor in the village that the team leader of that team was Dhwanse!
"Why?" I asked the question unintentionally.
"That's it!" He didn't even dare say I regretted it.
"Everybody said Khoi went to the city!" I answered, playing with the yard. One week later, one of his brothers, Parne, took him to town. Within four months of the marriage, it was rumored that her family was suffering from diarrhea. She was worried until her mother died. Vudho also died prematurely. It was time for the baby to be born. People come in queues after suffering.
"And you paid everything when your brother was sick?" Dhwanse changed his mind. Masterni made him look like Pole!
He had sent a small amount of money from Kathmandu to help pay the rent. So I paid the rent. During the last raid, the police also found a missing letter. I was detained for three days. But my luck ended the movement at the same time. The Dhwans won, the king relinquished power. The police released me too! But he later became the talk of the town, talking about Dhwanse and my relationship. That old man had died long ago! No one understood that. Only society knows how to show fault.
"Now you have to pay!" I answered by scratching my finger in the yard.
“Leave it! Whom to save, and to whom?
"Look at mother, what does she look like?" He came out with half-paint and shirt brought by his son Dhwanse.
"Good!" I looked at him and replied. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.
Dhwanse is full of politics - Thapakaji
My father Mahendra was counted among the people close to Raja. When Virendra Raja also came to visit the village, he was very happy that Vishnu came to visit the village. His face was bright that day, maybe because I am his best son, he came near me and said
"Pick up the best flowers in the Wuzhis Myla flower garden, Bhagman is coming to the village, you have to make a garland."
It is also said in Sanskrit that the king is the incarnation of Vishnu! I also met the king at that time. At that time I was studying in class ten, I also played volleyball. My volleyball game was also praised. There was even talk of sending me to Kathmandu in the Virendra Shield.
As written in our genealogy, we are the descendants of Bhimsen Thapa! And after one of our ancestors ran away from Susare, we were taken out of the valley. Later, the king took care of the east and gave the forest of that village to our Jijuwuwa. After that, Jijuwuwa cleared the forest and settled the village, leaving his favorite and useful people from the hills! That is why our grandfather used to say that I am the king of this village when I was young. I also felt like a prince. I imagined what it would be like to put my head in a photo of a king. But I was afraid that my big head would not fit in that Shripench.
Our grandfather used to ride around the village on horseback. There were only about fifty people working in our house. And a small wooden palace-like house! I watched the horse's attendants eat gram. At the back of our house was a horse-drawn carpet. We used to hide there when we were playing around. A stranger is kicked by a horse Takes. That's why my friends were afraid to go near the horse. The dearest horse towel for me and my house! But later it was burnt down as Punche's house. I saw that house burnt down with tears in my eyes. I was in active politics at that time. I knew that the villagers had respect and sympathy for me because I had won the VDC election in the local elections as well. But before the power and the gun, everyone is silent. I also had to keep quiet. We then entered the valley. The king took us out of the valley, the villagers took us out of the village! However, when I returned to the village, I realized that my journey was not over. The world has finally run out of money. After the rice business that I started in Kathmandu flourished, I also built a house in Kathmandu. In the beginning, it was as if the party flag was planted in the village house and we were not allowed to come. But later they left. When I went to the village, I started living at home. Install a new tin. I painted the wood. That house looked beautiful again.
The ruined house was in the middle of the field about five minutes away from me. His grandfather used to plow our fields. Later, he took a loan and went abroad. Rin could not even pay. At the same time, Dhwanse also joined the party. The power of the gun came to him too. Our rin will not be paid. We didn't really care. If you die, you will earn money later. Let's think about it!
After the ceasefire, the election was hot all over the village. I also kept hearing that many people from the village had joined the new party. Rumors that they still had weapons were rife in the village. That is why I did not dare to come into politics openly. What did politics give me? The statue of Mahendra at Chowk, which I had built when I was the VDC chairperson, was demolished by the agitators at that time. The villagers called the statue that exploded very easily! I made up my mind not to listen. At that time, we had earned Rs 20,000 in that statue. At that time, no one complained that we had reduced the iron rods inside the statue. In a way, it was fine, but now the statue has fallen. Proof of my corruption too! After all, Mahendra won't wake me up now and put me to work!
************ ************** ************ ************ **** ************* ********
The evening had dawned. After installing solar in my house, the load shedding has not changed much. I was sitting in the yard making hookah.
"Uncle is at home?" Parvat's voice came. Unfamiliar voice! I ran my eyes towards the voice. About his strong boy!
"I sighed!" Dhwanse introduced himself. My heart sank. Of course, they are on a ceasefire. But there were rumors in the village that he had killed the master. What's so significant about a goat's head? ” Since when did he and I have this relationship? I don't even know it!
"Don't worry!" I showed the empty chair next to it.
"I have a consultation with my uncle!" He said brushing his hair.
"Say no!" I answered slowly. He was looking at my hookah. That hookah is from my grandfather's time. There is a silver lining on the floor below. The map of the snake is carved above. I was amazed to see my grandfather's hobby when I saw this hookah! We saved it by working hard in the burning house. The big picture of grandfather could not be saved. There is still a photo of her half burnt on my wall.
"The election is not approaching. What do you think will happen this time?" He looked me in the eye and asked a question.
I was silent. What can i say If we don't eat, if we eat prey for a whole day, the old man's face would be the old man's face! Her questions didn't bother me either.
"Look, uncle, there was a big talk in the party committee that the Panches should not be allowed to enter the village. I call Thapa Kaka a development lover! I told you that he is going to change over time! ”
I couldn't understand where he was talking, that's why he was just talking, I was just listening.
"We have a large youth group in the village, but the old people have not been left behind by the old riots. Such a rhythm will not develop the village society!" Somehow, uncle! ”
Savitri came with tea. My daughter who works in my field, I have asked her to do housework. He looked at Savitri and took tea.
"Who are these women?" Her eyes widened. Moro should not see the girl. I have heard the rumors of that third Magarni. Bire's daughter Shanti was also involved in it! He got married ten days ago. Remembering that, the village boy even said that he had been drinking alcohol all night and shouted!
"Savitri, Parshuram's daughter, helps her aunt in the kitchen here, she also goes to school!"
"What I was saying is, Ni Kaka, you will lose the new party. Even if you are old, they will accept you. Join our party!" It is easy for you to live in the village! People who know how to lead, people who understand development! ”
He made me an open offer. I was stunned.
"What are you thinking, uncle?" He looked me in the eye and asked a question. "It is my responsibility to give a good place to the party. Again, this is a party born of revolution. It is always moving forward. How many of you have caught the riot-ridden parties? Look at their organization, we have already taken root, who is in the village where they are preaching? If you come with us, victory is certain and here it is If you come with us, it doesn't look like an ambush! ”
I was silent. He finished his tea. Savitri came to pick up the glass. As he bent down, Dhwanse looked at his chest with pleasure.
“I feel like uncle now! Think about what I said, I have to answer to Percy, then I think to the capital too! ” He got up.
After he left, I played a lot of revenge. That's fine. This is a good opportunity for me to return to my village. Dhwanse knows politics, or let's say Dhwanse is full of politics.
Tragedy during the election and destroyed - Vudhalal dynasty
The house in the village had a small thatched roof, but our mother used to make the house tidy by covering it. Probably without the genealogy of our Vahun Chhetri! We had about forty houses in this village. The same fire in about five or six houses, a water tap, two or four ducks in the back of the house. A duck pond was also built by our grandparents at the back of our house. Our grandparents did not understand Nepali well. We understood that we had to read school books in Nepali. Of course, I dropped out of school in seven classes, but Nepali was my best.
After leaving school, I started trading in goods. That was on the Mechin River, and there were small customs offices. In the meantime, after crossing the Mechi River, goods were traded in the same way. It was an easy way to earn money! For the less educated, Rosie made a good living. The cows that were stolen in the same way were also scattered. I heard that the cows were sold in the big thief market of India to sell the cattle.
Mechi's border remained again. The pillars of Dashagja moved overnight. We have seen it with our own eyes. Neither the government nor the police nor the administration spoke. How helpless we seemed. Gradually, the slogan of equality resounded in the village. Now the war started with the slogans of federalism with identity, priority to the tribals, equality. There was such a glow in those doctrines that, all the old parties began to look black, the king was about to fall like a caterpillar from within. I also went to war. Because Vahunism dominated the society and the gap between rich and poor was widening. After the Vahuns came to this village and acted as if they were the king of the village, we, the ancestors, agreed with them. After I went to war, I started to explain this to our community. We have a good opportunity to leave an impression on the people of other parties that have no roots and the rule of a king that has no roots.
I met Dhwanse during the war. It was there that I discovered that Dhwanse was a successful man in the field. His meeting with me continued. Even though he was born from the womb of feudal thinking, he had the power of revolution. He was always fast so the people of the village followed him. I was about fifteen years older than Dhwanse, also mature in politics. In the run-up to the election, there was a lot of speculation about who would get the ticket in this constituency. We strongly objected to giving Hark Basnet, we kept our identity. After much deliberation, the party decided to give me a ticket. After confirming the ticket, Dhwanse came to my side and said:
"Don't worry, brother, we will get the votes of Vahun Chhetri." I know the key to those votes! ”
He extinguished his cigarette and trampled on Thuto as if he wanted to kill him by strangling him. Elections must be won by price, punishment and discrimination. I had Dhwanse and Dhwanse knew them all.
************** **************** ***************** *** ************ ***************
I didn't want to go to the distillery that night. I went there secretly. I also needed not to show my face in bad places for the election. Dhwanse was waiting for me there.
"Brother, wherever you are late, I have never seen such a sluggish leader!" I was a little angry at the delay. I didn't respond. The motorcyclist who was walking towards me was trying to stay outside.
"Don't come in!" I called him inside too.
"What are you eating?" I asked Dhwanse.
"It's not about eating today, it's about drinking!" He was serious. I was silent. The silence between us was broken only by the crash of the glass of the table.
"No, today, suddenly, at such a time, where did you get the urge to drink with me?"
I asked the question in the first sip. Dhwanse did not always drink, nor did I always drink. But Dhwanse had ordered today. I was thinking that we should make some of our workers happy. But here he was alone.
"Sometimes it's hard to live without drinking, brother!"
"What is the tragedy?" I joked. He looked at my face with a smirk.
"Mori is getting married today! How well do you read my face, brother?"
My joke was real. I thought Dhwanse was a rock. But the mountains also flow in Nepal! For a while, I didn't know what to say.
"Lakka Jawan like you, so flamboyant at the party, you can find a girl! Why are you sitting on the floor?"
"Measured!" He hid himself. The people around him laughed when they saw him. The man's smile faded when Dhwanse rolled his eyes at him. He was busy with his glass. But Dhwanse still did not stop rolling his eyes.
"Don't fight here, brother!" I was also afraid that my image would be tarnished. He was silent for a while. When people are silent, they do not know what is going on in their mind. You have a black face above you And load shedding. Of course, I'm not white either. I'm red, so red has been added to my name. Born on Wednesday, red with red and red color!
"What can I do for her, brother, Mori has forgotten everything!"
"It's one thing to love, it's another to show brother!" I suddenly became a philosopher. My yellow liquid always penetrates inside, brings out thousands of visions.
"Even when I was in school, there were rumors that she had an affair with her husband. I was blind to her love!" He emptied the glass in one gulp. His mouth was disfigured. His mouth was disgusted by alcohol or the memory of that girl.
I found out that he was talking about peace. I was also invited to the wedding, as an influential village leader. I also went there and met everyone. And I had a discussion with a couple of people there about not spending so much on our wedding. The boy is an engineer. I had also heard of the love of destruction and peace. Later, I also heard that Shanti agreed to meet Dhwanse. Girls are like this, good boys are like clothes, they are like clothes.
"Will it be Devdas now?" I looked at him and asked a question.
He was silent for a moment. He does not currently have the answer to that question.
**************** ************************************* ** *************** **********
"And something happened to Thapakaji?" I had changed the subject. Dhwanse had suggested that Thapakaji should be included in the party. That thing had caused a bit of a stir. Because the fact that he was a monarchist was well known throughout the village. But I also understood from the electoral point of view that Thapakaji should be with us for balance of power and vote bank collection. Laughing, Dhwanse also sang a Hindi dialogue: . I was heartbroken that now we are going to be the baby of a donkey!
"I have to go, brother. You're in a hurry!" He took another knee. Sometimes he calls me sluggish, sometimes he hastens! His words clash with each other.
"Wuzhou brother, I had fun with some kind of girl, but she and I didn't even touch her when I was alone in Chiavari. I just sat there saying nothing, it's mine, don't hurry." The girl's case seems to be going awry. We have to hurry as much as possible. Otherwise, it will be seen. “
He went back to his own topics. Who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares. I am afraid that the tragedy of Dhwanse in the middle of the election will affect me. After all, Dhwanse is my right hand man, he knows this village and everyone knows how to persuade him.
"Look, baby, look at my arm!" He folded his arms and reached to the top of his shirt to show his arm. I kept looking at his arm as he asked. "If I want, I can't grind his teeth, grind his teeth and admit him to the hospital!" My engineer Ray, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I wanted to say don't do this at the time of election. But what does he hear? I made up my mind to talk to him again tomorrow. People are also in love, and they are also drunk.
"No more, I have to go home, I'm looking for someone to take you home!"
"Brother, where is the night of the recluse?" Let's add one last peg! ”
"Don't give up, huh!"
"Do you want me in the election or not? Tell me, brother, do you want a peg or an election?" He brought me back.
"Eat it!" If you love, peacocks will bow their heads.
"I will go to you today. If you go away drunk, they will get angry!"
"Don't go to Sahili!" Her other item is Sahili Magarni. The biggest disadvantage of this is that even if this girl is walking on two legs, it is enough.
"Wow, wow! You know that it smells bad. Again, the situation has worsened, this time it has worsened. ”
"Suck me until I can suck, now he says who's hollow!"
"It's up to you to suck, brother. If you start sucking and eating khoyo, where will you live?"
He laughed.
After finishing the last peg, I looked around the plaque bridge. People are not so crowded. I looked at the clock, it was half past ten. I called a van and asked for it. Today, Dhwanse is going to sleep in mine. There is another pain that is felt when you go to Jadya.
Lost Love Found Divorce - Peace
It was raining in Kathmandu. Kathmandu gets very muddy after rain. On top of that, micro, tampo, taxi, bike. There is no water to wash the office dress in the room. If this dress is worn again, it will be difficult. I thought that I would make my umbrella at the place where Vaneshwar's umbrella is made. The peacocks do not stay because of the rain. What an amazing umbrella maker, there is no place for rain to fall, I thought to myself. My sandals also get muddy when I walk fast so I was walking slowly. I felt as if someone had stabbed me in the back. Looking back, Dhwanse was standing in the back.
"What is Chinese?"
"Recognize!" I replied slowly. I know his touch. How many hours have I spent on the same chest?
"Where is your fatness!"
"It's a little far, towards Thapagaun!" Why should I show him my fat? I am a man with a family, a man without an address. Come to my house Let him know what it means. As soon as I see him, my heart is healed and I am flying in the sky of the past today. I am trying to turn my mind from the bottom to the present, in the realm of reality.
"Are you busy?"
May I answer him?
"Ali Ali!" I replied briefly.
"I wanted to talk to him, but I didn't even meet him in the village!"
On my wedding day, I heard that he had made a lot of noise after drinking alcohol. But everyone has their own future. People never look for a killer in their husbands. I was shocked to hear that Ram had strangled him. Mother and father did not allow him to go to see the body. Wuwa said back. Sitting in Chautari, the three Rams were planning to go to Sarko. I couldn't sleep all night remembering the weeping face. Only two months ago, Dhwanse was making me cry that he would bring me to the war. Within two months, he looked like a blood-sucking tiger. In the dream, I saw the blood on his face slowly turning red. I still remember waking up late that night.
About a month after that, Bale Katawat was found dead and the needle of my relationship was found. Some of my friends may have shouted. He locked me in the room and slapped me twice. Then he reminded me about my studies and my future. And as soon as I finished my SLC, I was sent to Kathmandu. Dhwanse gradually became my past. I got lost somewhere. But no matter how much he loves me, he is a murderer. I am the murderer's wife and my son and daughter cannot be the children of the murderer.
Ajay had said this when I tried to talk about his relationship with Dhwanse
"I don't care about your past. If you have someone in your present, tell me I can still get married."
I had heard that Dhwanse had come to the village at the time of her marriage to Ajay. My heart was pounding. I had a strange fear, my wedding came and went. I called Ajay on my mobile and said that. He listened to everything and called me Sustri.
"Don't get tense, boys are like that!"
But he did not come, my burden was removed. Today he is found in this turn of Vaneshwar. I could not walk as if I had not seen him, nor could I give him any answers. I am rooted now.
"Would you like some tea?"
I could not deny his question. Questions can be right or wrong, answers can be right or wrong, but time is not right, moments are not right or wrong. I also lost time.
*************** *************** *************** ****** ************ ***************
"How is your new family?"
After a long silence, he asked a question.
"Good!" I returned a brief answer.
"Have children?"
I nodded to say no. He was drinking his tea but was watching. A fly landed on the stem of the cup. He chased away the fly with his hand.
"It's been six months since I got married. How are you, son or daughter? ”
I kept it quiet.
"Can I have a cigarette here in front of you?"
I once scolded him for not smoking. He also said that he would leave. I nodded, hoping it would happen.
"Don't you want to eat today?"
He looked me in the eye and asked a question. I didn't think Dhwans could speak. But he also learned to be a leader.
"You guys, have I told you yet?"
I laughed.
"It's another matter whether you believe it or not!" He replied with a smirk. He turned to the window and blew smoke. He knows I don't like cigarette smoke!
"And what do you do?"
"Be an engineer!" I answered slowly.
"Educated people, there are nine failures like us!" He lit a cigarette in the ashtray. Cigarettes were extinguished just as any pain was extinguished.
"Did you start working too?"
"In a private van!"
"Baba, who can do it now, where do you keep the money now? Donate a little to our party!"
I was shocked. Joking is really saying, can't be separated.
"Don't be afraid, just be afraid!"
"You know what, you're a jerk, you're a jerk !!!" This time I spoke with courage. I want to know the truth of that night.
He became silent. It was as if he had given tacit approval. Like surrendering.
"Then I fell in love with you!" I said in a heavy voice.
"Who sees my love?" You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ”
"You know how many lives have been wasted! She had a baby in her womb at that time! ”
"It was too late to find out!"
Dhwanse was watching the tempo kneel outside. The tempo on the outside threw black smoke even more than it had from a smoldering cigarette.
"Where is the master's daughter now?" He boldly asked the question.
"I don't even know that."
"I wanted to meet him, but I didn't want to go to the wedding. You did exactly what you did. I didn't deserve you !! ” He lit another cigarette. His cigarette addiction has increased. You don't have to add another cigarette so soon.
"Did I tell you two things?" I said looking at him.
"Say no!"
"First find a beautiful girl and get married, and secondly quit smoking!"
He laughed, as if hiding a pain.
"It's like getting up late, it's getting late!" “
He got up. The sky outside is black again. It's raining again tonight. It looks like the road will be muddy again tomorrow morning.
My self-acceptance-2 - Dhwanse
There are some new characters in my story. The story has moved forward. Embark on a dark journeyMy story is revolving around my politics. Politics was not the subject of my desire. I am a loving person by nature, full of love juice. Sometimes I feel like politics has squeezed my juices. But where do you think life is?
In Kathmandu, Tintaka had a good friend while drinking alcohol. I shared all my joys and sorrows. Sahili used to recite the joys of Magarni and also the parting with Shanti. He was a little embarrassed to talk to girls. Her volley was a little baffled. But if I had to talk to girls, I would talk more and more. He had to close his eyes to get the words out. Even when complimenting, what an irony he was complimenting with the blink of an eye. I used to tease him sometimes, "You say radish with your eyes closed!" And who would believe. He would reply seriously
"Brother, you have to see the good and the bad with your inner eyes!"
"Napis!" I was obsessed.
Much later I found the youngest one day. What can I say? Bhattiwal Sahuni is also a well-known sister! We hadn't met him for a long time and we met again in Patan. That day, Kancho told about the marriage of peace. My heart became unhappy! She didn't even consider it necessary to meet me once. The mind did the same thing for sure. I will visit the village once. Another impulse also came along, I will kill that boy too!
But every time I entered the village, my anger subsided. Peace was happiness! I changed my plan to go to her wedding and create a history of rebellion. I spent that day sleeping. Memories of Chiavari kept circulating in my heart. Whenever she was leaning on my chest. Every time I touched her breasts with the excuse of playing with her hair, she would get angry. Whenever she wanted to surrender for me. Every time I was scared of going to war. I opened the packets of his and my memories one by one. The bed was lonely, maybe I remember being lonely now. Someone else will fill his life with flowers.
*************** ********************************** ** ***************** ******
As the election approached, I saw in the village that we were advocating for the victims of backwardness. But elections are a game of capital. We had to have some bourgeoisie in our hands. I put the party at the center to be able to pull Thapakaji into our fold. At that time, the arguments were divided into two camps. In the end, the party decided that those who wanted to join the party must be admitted.
I had a childhood acquaintance with the party's nominee, Wudhe Dai. He and I used to go to the Mechi bridge to swim. We also taught him to fish. I was shocked to find Gaddafi first. In any case, I have to win. In the election, I proudly say that I have a big hand in winning Vudhe Dai. I grabbed his hand and told him
"Brother, now we have to bring the constitution of the people!" Vudhe's brother's black face was covered with amazing redness, with the redness of victory! But someone next to him shouted, "Bring the killer, the constitution of the people!" The boys found the screaming man and brought him. Vudho Khavate Jyan, the boys were ready to beat him, but Vudho's brother did not allow him to beat him. Even after he was released, there were many flags, which went before the slogan of our victory. Later it was found out that he was Ram Sir's uncle. Khuile sirko. Sometimes I see in my dreams that night, my teeth are growing, at that time, I am sucking someone's blood, blood is flowing from his throat. I can't sleep that night.
One day while walking on the road, I found peace. I was confused about what to call. The road was muddy, muddy. I dared to cut back. He looked at me in amazement, as if he were seeing me for the first time. It was as if I had called him in vain. Even though he was so close, he seemed to be far away. I also asked strange things. I asked him how many children he had in six months of marriage. The mind did not stay in the address. But she seemed to be happy. I wondered why she seemed so calm that day. Someone else who seemed like my peace just seemed to be spending time with such a girl.
I went out. He was covered with water. He had an umbrella and was walking. I kept it wet for a while. It was like a burning fire inside. She was lost in the crowd. Kathmandu is a city of people. Thousands of desires, dreams are swallowed. Today I was swallowing my tears. I dialed my youngest phone, it was an engagement day. Moro did not support me that day.
Yes, I am not worthy of it. I am neither past nor future. But I'm not the killer he thinks he is. I also have a heart. I was also saddened by that murder. Mistakes are made everywhere in war. But warriors continue to fight, not killers.
Poultry farming - Ashta Dhimal
By the time we won the election, our party seemed to have won. We were very happy even in the barracks. But the war is won with a straightforward rhythm. The same old election, won only because of the new shell.
Sometimes in a drought-ridden life, drops of water disappear without soaking the ground. Revolution is like a drop of water for me. He said that he lost his life without being able to come to life त्यो That drop of water. Sometimes I looked at the cracked ground, sometimes in the sky without clouds, but loving my eyes, neither the clouds were seen in the sky nor the cracks in the ground were erased.
The army beat me up without doing anything, they left me on the verge of death. My luck was strong. I survived. My daughter-in-law, who had run away with the boy, went to war at that time. They had come to find out about them. I didn't know, I didn't know. They did not believe. My mother was not screaming, she was kicking and kicking. The next day, Dhwanse came to my house to caress her exhausted body. Dhwanse and I were together at school. I already knew that he was involved in the war.
"What are you looking at now?" If you don't walk today, you will come tomorrow too! As long as we are not strong enough, they will oppress us! ” He moved the water from the earthen jar to the side and ate it. I remained very silent. I didn't usually say no to school at school. He was like a hero in school too. I looked at the bruises all over my body, I remembered the army and why the excitement increased. That night I walked with Dhwanse walking in my two heavy clothes.
They also have a doctor. I was initially treated. And then I joined the military. Our informants were also inside the army. We found out that the mother of the major who had beaten me had died and was on her way to Ramechhap in Kiria. We stopped the car on the way and brought him, with the help of our friends. I cried a lot when I drove him straight into the forest. No matter how angry I was with the people, after I finished them, I fell in love with the corpse. When the corpse of the Major arose, I was not like Vut Vajarla. She had fallen asleep, as if she had fallen asleep! Drenched in blood, lovely !!
When we entered the peace process, we were kept in barracks. One of my hands flew while making twine bomb. I was chosen. He sent me to the village with some money. Then I was confused as to what to do. Someone advised me to "raise chickens now"! There was an advantage in poultry farming but also the risk of wordflu! Anyway, I decided to open a poultry farm in the village. The money was not enough, there was no land to pledge. Vudh Dai has become a minister, Dhwanse is in Kathmandu.
*************** *************** *********** ********* ******** *******************
"It's hard to find out how many numbers you change!" I complained as soon as I found him.
"People's lives have changed. You're talking about numbers!" He smoked a cigarette. Dhwanse did not smoke so much before. But nowadays they have started drinking a lot. Of course, he may be a little too tense. Party, Taruni and many more!
"What's the change?"
"Leave these things alone, and why don't you come to Kathmandu to eat this dust!"
"I was thinking of starting some work, but I didn't have enough money!" I answered by quoting the color of the tea table. That table should be blue at the beginning. But now the color of the wood is visible inside! The blue was only in places. It looked like the axis of a poor man with a leaky roof.
"I just realized that the real money was not enough. Didn't the party hurt you too?" How much of the money did you get? ”
"Give only half of what was said, that the party needs empowerment!" My face suddenly turned black.
"Wuzis born feudal within the revolutionary party?" He said making tea. Nowadays, he talks a lot. Probably in the company of big people. "And did you ask me for money?" He looked at my face and said laughing.
"I wonder if you will meet Wudhe Dai!" Let the people of his party help! ”
Dhwanse was silent for a while. Looked outside I saw what he was looking at outside. College girls are waiting. The 18-year-old boy is smoking a cigarette, and probably teaches the 16-year-old girl to smoke. I felt like I was going to abuse him. If it was our village, I would have slapped it twice. But the city fell. I cured my anger. I have my own tension.
"Politics, leader, where is it so easy as you see it from the outside?" He called me Nai in a slightly twisted language!
"Can't even meet once?"
"I can, but I can't."
“But what? You don't do that much to your little friend? ” I was overwhelmed. He may not belong to the same party, but I have been his friend since childhood. Why reluctantly I know he doesn't have the money I was looking for. Nor am I looking for him. That's why I'm trying to meet my brother-in-law.
"If I take you, he may not work. He and I are not well now. Don't catch anyone else! ”
I fell silent. It was difficult to tell whether he was making excuses or not.
"What happened between you and your brother-in-law?"
"The party is falling apart. I will probably go to the other side. Their camp is no longer revolutionary. They have made an agreement to sell the country. They have pretended a lot in the name of constitution."
He finished his tea. I am sad that his relationship with Budhadai has deteriorated. Not doing your job. Of course my work is my first priority! He must have some solution, people who know so much!
"Is there any way to meet the minister?"
"Do this, do you know Thapakaji?" Our village? ”
"Who's that punch?" I was surprised
"Where did that Punche stay and did we enter the party during the election?"
"Ah, I know!"
"He lives in Koteshwar, go and meet him, get his number!" He got a crow from his mobile Deposit number picked up. I folded the paper like a handkerchief and put it in my pocket.
My Sarita's talk with Dhwanse Dai - youngest
"You radish, don't pick up the phone as soon as you stop selling my bidding!" Dhwanse's brother is angry. When they love, they give up their lives and when they are angry, they give up their hands and get angry. There was a fear of being slapped, but the slap did not occur as the voice came from the phone during the meeting.
"No, brother, you keep changing the number, how can I tell you which number I want to find out?" I gave my explanation.
"Radish Khurukka or Veluka's visit, there in Patan!" Forever! ”
"It's a little busy, brother!" I answered slowly. I know Dhwanse Dai doesn't like Nai. But there is talk of meeting Sarita. Sarita can also get angry.
"You will not live in Shankhamul there, I will cut and throw you under the bridge if you don't come!" Dhwanse brother hung up the phone without me saying anything. What a real anger, what a rude volley, I was confused. Dhwanse Dai is Okhar, hard, hard for Forn, but very sweet when approached. I thought it would be easier to seduce Sarita than Dhwanse Dai. Send SMS from mobile
"Don't come today, it's done!"
The reply came from Uta, "Whatever you do, I will add money at the end of the month!"
************** ************** ***************** ***** ********** *********** *****
We have a unique relationship with the streets of Patan. I will never cut the temple of that goddess there. One day, Devre was cut off by mistake and was chased by the police on the same day. We left all the leaflets and ran away. Only after escaping from the wall of Patan Campus did he catch his breath. That's what I told Dhwanse Dai
"Brother, the temple of that goddess has been cut down today, that's why it's unfortunate!"
Dhwanse replied in his own language
"Napo, the temple of your goddess, I will turn around three times tomorrow, let's see what happens."
I sat quietly instead of speaking again.
***************** ****************** *************** ****** **********************
"Why are you so busy these days?" Dhwanse's brother's anger was not dead when he met him!
"It's not like that, brother!"
"What is it?" Did you fall in love with the radish or the girl? ”
I have nothing to say. This is definitely not an affair. This is business.
"It's hard to get rid of it when it rains, boy, be aware, it's the man who fought!" I know Dhwanse Dai is a man who fought in love.
"Do you really remember now or not, brother?"
"Whose?" Peace! The meeting took place about a month ago! ”
"And there was talk?"
"What else can be done, and now when we meet two years later, we have to feed our nieces and nephews ice cream!" Dhwanse's brother swallowed a glass of alcohol.
"How hard!"
He said looking at Sahuni. "Inside the fire"
"My heart is burning, brother, not because of alcohol!" The sister-in-law laughed heartily. The sister did not reply.
*************** *********************************** ** ************** ***********
"And who is the girl?"
"Brother Dai Sarita!"
"How come you are from Sindhupalchowk, people of the East!" Dhwanse Dai was amazed.
"Nothing like that, brother!"
"How are you?"
"You paid the money, brother!" I said numb.
"Spit peacock, what's wrong with that stinking goat?" All the drugs are gone! I was afraid that I would become another Devdas like me! ” Dhwanse's brother knelt down again
"Okay sister, my heart is burning, this time it didn't burn as much as before!" He looked at his sister-in-law and laughed. And he looked at me and said
"You know, the sight of this sister reminds me of someone!"
"I know, brother!" I don't want to hear that story again. The same story to hear, after coming to the furnace.
"Then it's okay!" But the youngest, after all, enjoy him too, enjoy you too! Do you pay for food? ”
"It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring."
"It's not the outside packing, brother, it's different, the goods are the same!" Save it, or you'll be ruined! ” This time Dhwansedai laughed loudly. It's as if he's having fun humiliating women.
"No, brother, Sarita is different from others!" I answered slowly.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm so serious!"
"Sister, give me a cigarette!" "What's so significant about a goat's head?" “
"I don't know, brother!"
"Let's ask something?" Dhwanse Dai approached me.
"Don't ask!"
"You talked so much, I also had to see how you are, Sarita. If I go, you won't be angry!"
This time I was a little upset. I know, it's not love, but it hurt. I glanced at Sarita. Of course, she doesn't stay alone even on the day I don't go. What difference does it make to go to Dhwanse Dai?
"It's like resuscitation!" You play with your doll, I don't want a toy with money! ”
"No, I'm looking for my brother's number!" I looked at his number and replied to my brother.
One night with the youngest Dhwansedai - Sarita
I will start my story with a question, what is life after all? You have to experience something written by someone else that you didn't think of, didn't choose. You have to act for others, who cares for you? People forget to read more than they say, home, society.
My uncle used to work as a cook in the army camp in Dong. At the same time, there is no shortage of money by farming, go and get a job, get a pension! I know people, only you can jump. ” That said, Ray. My brother-in-law has been running since four o'clock in the morning for a month. Running on the same grass. My uncle left after getting a job!
My mother is without a mother Lonely sister of three brothers. They got married because the busy boy came to get married. After getting married, Ba went to work, came home on leave in three months. I was born in the nine months of that holiday.
So far the story is fine. But time has returned to the village. The war started between Nepalis and Nepalis. Who didn't get the rights? All the elders of the village became feudal lords. We are people connected with the army, we had to walk safely. Ba came home secretly one evening. My daughter-in-law was in her mother's womb at that time. My father is being dragged away, there is a bamboo grove a little way from the house, there. We are shouting. Mother fainted in an instant. But I saw with my own eyes until my father tore off the salt. What anger did he inflict on my uncle? My uncle is also a person who cooks and feeds rice to the army. Wuwa used to say that there is no need to go to war. But there was no one to explain that to the people. I still hear the sound of the wolf screaming in pain that day. The wow slowly stopped screaming. And it stopped. But they did not leave the body there, they took it away. I also fainted after that, I had never seen anything like it in my life. I pray to God that the enemy may not see it. The next morning I told my mother
"Let's not stay here!" Kathmandu barley! ”
Our house was almost certain to be occupied. That's why I was afraid to stay there. But it is difficult to read in a city without anyone. But the money was very low. My mother stopped working from work. The whole responsibility fell on my shoulders. I quit that hotel job and started working in a restaurant. A few tips came, a small salary was hard to live in Kathmandu.
"Are you going?" I don't have a house today! ”
I don't know where the courage came from that day. I looked at him and said, "I don't stay up all night, I only stay for half an hour." I'll take five hundred! ”
Husbands are pigs. The only difference is that they need a friend to sleep with. I had nothing to lose. My earnings increased that night. The family got along well. Now Vahini is also two years old. I tell my mother that I have night duty, I have taken another room where my night duty is. Gradually time has passed. Nowadays, I have stopped seeing the village even in my dreams. Of course, at the age of fourteen, I am now twenty-six.
************* ********************************* ***** ********* ******************
The youngest was an amazing man. He knew others would come and work. He would come and talk for a while. About your home family. She was not married. Bhakkar was freed from fighting. He followed his leader in the city. Sometimes he even talked about politics. I didn't understand much. Balance of power, new constitution lost, what, what. I didn't like that. I was the one who lost everything in the fight. The other day I would listen to the gossip and only after a while he would come near me. My body would get a unique satisfaction with the youngest. Maybe sleeping with Vuda is just as hot. The day I heard the talk of politics, I would not let him talk, he would forget politics in the middle of my loose clothes. When he was exhausted. I would say
"Women's power is greater than politics!"
He laughed. I felt like I had won, seeing his silence.
*************** ******************* *************** * ************ ********** ****
That day, Kancho made a unique proposal. Some of his brothers will come to me!
"Are you looking for a customer for me now?" I asked on the phone.
"No, you were talking nonsense, look at you!"
"What's wrong with me, Auntie?" I teased him.
"Yeah, don't tell me if anyone will come tonight!" He was shocked for the first time.
"After I give you the money, don't ask!"
I understood that this is a hypocritical leader. Poverty alleviation says, respect for women and equal rights and so on. He also needs a woman at night, a toy to sleep with. Pigs !!!!
***************** ******************** ************* ***** *************** *******
That evening, at nine o'clock, the light would come. My room is in a dark alley above it. Dogs were barking outside. There was a knocking sound in my room. I did a little make-up. Red lipstick, and a few cents, half a pair of jeans, a bone-crushing t-shirt, and a little loose-fitting t-shirt! The eyes of the boys go there at the beginning. Ours is the trailer. Only then do men look at their faces. I opened the door a little. The younger one had brought his brother. The younger one said, "I'm leaving!" I kept looking until he reached the bottom and closed the gate. He also came out like other men. I thought she was a prostitute. Yes, I am a prostitute. I went back to the room. Her brother was sitting in the chair next to her. Silently.
I looked at him first. Inside the black t-shirt was a photo of a man, the man in the t-shirt I didn't recognize, and the jeans were a little loose. When he heard that he was Daju, he looked a little old. But this man was not much older than the youngest.
"I'll take the money even if I'm quiet!" When I saw him sitting quietly for a long time, I got upset and started talking.
He laughed.
"The younger one talks a lot to you, so come and see!" After a long time, someone called me He called me. Nowadays, if someone says that you have talked to me or not, I am also mistaken.
"Just to see?"
"I don't do this for money, it's not fun!" It's fun when it's fun for both of you! ”
I kept looking at him. Is this an insult to me or an honor? His money was to be paid by the youngest. But my body could not pull him. This is an insult!
"What happens when I smoke here?" Twice he put his hand back in his jeans and asked me a question.
"I'll open the window and eat!" He went to the window.
"Don't open that window, there's a place to throw garbage in the back! Nothing to me, I drink too sometimes!"
"May I ask you a question?" He held out his cigarette.
"Ask!" I also took a cigarette from his hand.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Of course not, I don't even know your name, we don't even need a name!"
"My name is Tejendra, but everyone calls me Dhwanse!" Yes, the younger brother was saying Dhwanse Dai on the phone. Now I remember.
"Why did you join the party?" I countered. His answer was that I wanted to decide whether or not to answer him!
"I wasn't interested either!"
I laughed. He is putting his party entry and my work on the same scale.
"My uncle could not donate. Instead of donations, one man was taken! ” He easily expressed his pain by smoking. It must have been barely half an hour since he and I met. What was the need to show me such a great secret of his life?
"It was fun later!"
"My grandfather was in the army!" He forced me to tell his story too. He looked at me with a smirk. Maybe the army was scared. I was scared to hear their names before. Only after coming to the city did I find out that after a large crowd of people gathered, all kinds of people gather after all. People are different by nature.
"When you came home, you were killed by Tiraika!" Killed with great pain! Sometimes I even call the youngest a murderer when I'm angry! ”
His face suddenly turned black. He was listening quietly. Many say the same thing. Witney knows how difficult those parts have made life!
“At that time, my mother had two children. Mom and I came to town! I can't find any other way to earn money! Now I can't get out of it even if I want to! ”
He broke the silence of many and asked, "And does mother know?"
I shook my head. My eyes watered. I remembered Wuwa. I remembered Wuwa screaming, I remembered screaming. Dhwanse was looking at me. But I know, he's just a part of it. A part of a big story, who doesn't know the whole story.
"I'll wash my face!" I know you didn't come to hear it! "
He was still not saying anything. There was a bathroom in the last corner of the veranda. I took the light and went out. I washed my face, but when I came back, there was no smoke. I went out and looked down from the verandah. He was coming out and closing the gate.
My self-acceptance-3 - Dhwanse
No matter how much we ganthan, no matter how much we do, it is the same thing. War is never yours. Living together is not the same as eating wounds. Victory is not a frenzy, it looks like a water bubble, it roars, it cries.
Our party was about to break up. It was clear that it was divided into two camps. Rumors also began to appear in magazines. One is the party of the feudal lords, the other is the party of the revolutionaries. Nowadays, I can't even separate the feudal revolutionaries. After all, if the same war were to be fought, the people who would die would be their own people. That's all I understand, from my own life. I did it for the right reason, I don't say no. Because my horizon is small. How much have I seen and the world, how much have I understood and people? I am from a small village.
I felt that things had changed a little since Vudh Dai came to power. Money is needed to run the government. I had no money. I myself had brought Thapakaji, who was associated with money, close to him. Later, with Thapakaji, Himachim grew up. But I don't take it badly. That's where my brother saw his future. What is wrong and that!
It has already come to light that the youngest has sent his heart to his beloved. The only difference was that Sarita didn't know a thing. I was also the main culprit in an incident like his. Why in Sarita I saw Master's Vudhi that day. Is she living in the city like this? God bless him. If one day I find him in a similar situation, how can I forgive myself? Sometimes in life, he suffers persecution because of his mistakes.
I was going to the village. I remembered Sahili Magarni when I came out of Saritako. I called her and told her.
"I'm coming to the village!"
She asked in silence
"What for?"
"To get married!"
"With whom?" She didn't take the time to ask this time.
"Why don't you and me?"
This time he was silent. Sustri asked after much vengeance
"Aren't you drunk?"
I ate a little but lied.
"I can't come to Kathmandu with you! I will not leave the village! ”
"Who said Kathmandu Eyes?" I live there! ”
"What are you doing?"
"Ashte opens a poultry farm. Hey, I'll put some money in it!" You have a shop! Isn't that enough? ”
She said nothing. I understood that yes. I hung up the phone Oh I dialed the younger one and said
"I told people to marry Sarita!"
He didn't say anything either. I know he needs time to digest my suggestions. But I'm sure in the end he will accept what his brother-in-law said.
Finished ...

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