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On the day of Janaipunirma, let's go to Nauli Barah and join Barah Puja

On this date, 2076/4/30, that is, on the day of Janaipunirma, we are included in Rakhu's Nauli Barah Jau Barah Puja.
There is a belief that after asking for a bride and worshiping, everything you ask for will be fulfilled. The pond here is shaped like the moon and there are urns in the middle of the pond. Here every rainy day devotees sacrifice 20-30 goats, 40-50 jolly pigeons and 200 coconuts to celebrate the fulfillment of their desires.
Date: 04/30/2076
Location: Nauli Barah (200 m ahead of the tourist site Ruise)

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