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Bhagwati final at the fair on the Janai Purnima of Beg Shimphant.

A semi-final match of the fifth day of men's volleyball was played between Raghuganga Gaonpalika-1, Begkhola, Tiplyang A and Parbat Jaljala Gaonpalika. In the match between Tiplyang A and Bhanau, Bhanau had set 2 while the players of Tiplyang A defeated Bhanau from the semi-final by 3 sets and entered the final. In the final match of volleyball, Raghuganga Gaonpalika-1 of Myagdi, Begkhola Tiplyang and Raghuganga Gaonpalika-2 of Myagdi have entered the final. A cultural program will be held tomorrow afternoon.
Source: Begkhola News

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